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Group Members

Heldt Group Summer 2016:  Front - Matt Weiss, Pratyusha Paidikondala, Caryn Heldt, Xue Mi. Back - Tyler Jensen, Sergio Lopez, Dylan Turpeinen, Christa Meingast, and Ighodosa Ereyimwen

Heldt Group Fall 2014:  Front - Maria Gencoglu, Elizabeth Waters, Caryn Heldt, Ashish Saksule, Pennie Winters, Stephanie Bean. Back - Ben Fournier, Michael Grillo, Tyler Jensen, Michael D'Angelo, Ben Gresko, Soontorn Tuntithavornwat

Heldt Group Fall 2013: Front - Jonny Young, Jackie Harms, Amy Sieloff, Saagar Vijayaragavan, Maria Tafur, Caryn Heldt. Back - Eric Pearson, Michael D'Angelo, Alex Bank, Michael Grillo, and Tyler Jensen.  Not pictured: Keerthana Sreenivasan

Heldt Group Fall 2012:  Front - Amna Zahid, Yuritzi Garcia, Caryn Heldt, Josh Merillat.  Second row - Jonny Young, Maria Tafur, Amy Sieloff.  Back - Saagar Vijayaragavan, Bingyu Bai, and Xue Mi.

Dr. Caryn Heldt

Dr. Caryn Heldt graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2001 with a B.S. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  She worked for BASF for two years before joining the Carbonell Lab at North Carolina State University.  She graduated with her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 2008.  Dr. Heldt completed a postdoc with Georges Belfort at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2010 before joining the faculty at Michigan Tech.